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The International Security Management Association (ISMA) is a premier global membership association of select security executives from around the world. Members share information to support one another and to assess, shape, and evolve corporate security risk management globally. For nearly 40 years, ISMA has provided a trusted network in times when it matters most.

Membership Candidacy Criteria

We welcome new applicants who meet our industry-leading standards.

  • ISMA membership is open to practitioners, representatives of government agencies and intergovernmental organizations, and representatives of select major security service providers.

  • To qualify for membership, a practitioner must be the senior executive responsible for security in a private business enterprise (profit or non–profit) operating autonomously and with an international footprint, whose gross revenue exceeds one billion dollars (U.S. $1,000,000,000) or equivalent annually.

  • Representatives of government agencies with missions national or international in scope must occupy a job position that is primarily responsible within the agency for private sector outreach and engagement.

  • Representatives of intergovernmental organizations must be the senior-most security practitioner in an organization that is: a United Nations Organization Organ or Specialized Agency; an entity that has a standing invitation to participate as observers in the sessions and work of the United Nations General Assembly or any other organ or specialized agency of the United Nations Organization; or an entity that is a party to an official framework of cooperation with the United Nations Organization or any of its organs or specialized agencies.

  • Security service providers must be the Chief Executive Officer, the Chief Security Officer (CSO), or a singular designated direct line report of the CEO of a business enterprise operating autonomously, engaged in supplying a full range of consultative security services with annual revenues in excess of one hundred million dollars (U.S. $100,000,000), or equivalent sum in local currency per annum.

  • Members are required to participate actively, and membership ceases should this lapse.


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Prospective Member Information

Download a copy of the ISMA Membership Brochure to discover additional benefits of joining this trusted network.

"ISMA membership has been invaluable to me. The ability to reach out to a trusted global network of colleagues on a variety of issues ranging from benchmarking to real-time crisis response is exceptionally powerful. I have been able to accurately reflect international security norms with my company leadership by sharing the input I have received from our diverse ISMA membership base. I’m proud to be part of this exceptional organization."

Dave Komendat, Vice President & Chief Security Officer, The Boeing Company