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Cybersecurity Awareness Month - Why Cybersecurity Should Not Be an Afterthought

As we wrap up Cybersecurity Awareness Month, ISMA collaborated with ISMA member Danny McPherson, Executive Vice President and Chief Security Officer of Verisign, and Hema Lakshminarayanan, Senior Director of Verisign, to discuss the evolving world of cybersecurity and why it should not be an afterthought. Danny and Hema have kindly taken the time to give their responses to the burning questions being asked in the cyber industry today.

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Mental Health Awareness Day 2021 – How the ISMA Team Wind Down

This World Mental Health Day, the ISMA team have come together to share their tips and tricks for taking care of mental health and wellness, as well as how we each feel ISMA as an organisation helps support our individual needs. ISMA develops and nurtures strong connections with each and every individual who becomes part of the association. Not only do we deliver a forum for robust thought-leadership in the security sector, but we also ensure our members and staff are being supported in other areas of their lives, both in and outside of work.

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Corporate First Responders

When Mike Wanik first left the active military after nine years of service in military law enforcement, he departed with many skills that would be a base for his future career in Corporate Security. He has recalled his experience during the devastating moment on 9/11, when the second plane hit the tower, and how he, his team, and members of other corporate first responder disciplines gathered to conquer the mission of safeguarding people, both mentally and physically, whilst ensuring continuity of business operations for those dependent on their services.

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